Norwex Ergo-bend

Norwex Ergo-bend

  • $39.99

The flexible and convenient Ergo-Bend helps clean beneath your couch, bed and other large furniture, giving your home a deep, powerful clean without using any harmful chemicals.

Simply attach to your Mop Base and Telescopic Mop Handle to conveniently clean hard-to-reach areas in your home with the greatest of ease.

Even under the best circumstances, the floors of your home can harbor pollutants, chemicals, dust and bacteria. Rather than coat your floors with even more chemicals, harness the power of static electricity and water to get them completely clean and chemicalfree— and keep them cleaner, longer! Use our Norwex Ergo Bend to clean the hard to reach places of your home.

  • Norwex Floor Systems clean floors using microfiber or polyester Mop Pads and water only.
  • Perfect for a variety of floor surfaces as well as windows, walls and ceilings.
22.86 cm / 9"